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Will your driveway last 5 years...or 50?

Asphalt longevity is all about that base.

Don't Be Fooled by Low Prices

Be sure to ALWAYS replace the stone base of your driveway.

When replacing your driveway, you may be presented with a choice: re-use the existing stone base, or replace it with new stone.

Crusher run stone is designed to interlock and create a strong base when compacted with a roller. This is essential for a long lasting driveway. When re-using old stone that has been in the ground, dirt and mud introduced to the base by runoff and groundwater over the years prevents the stone from interlocking as designed.

This is why ROC Paving always removes and replaces the stone base for each and every job.

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Many paving companies offer low prices because they reuse your old stone base, replacing only the blacktop. This technique saves them time and money, and allows for a lower price, but after a few years, you will start to see cracks, depressions, and heaving in your "brand new" driveway.

Remember, ROC Paving will ALWAYS completely replace your stone base to insure a long-lasting driveway!

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